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Security Umbrella men "XXL extra large with knob/tactical umbrella

This sturdy Security Umbrella with a length of 1.02 meters or 40” offers much more than a regular umbrella: Not only is it a reliable protection from rain, but it can also serve as a walking cane. Most importantly it will help you in case of an emergency if you have to defend yourself or your family. The Security Umbrella is extraordinary by its construction and the inner core of the stick never breaks. With this special defense Umbrella, or Security Umbrella, you are now much safer on the road.

The Security Umbrella immediately boosts your defense capability significantly!

Your reliable safety companion in a handy size! 

This high-quality umbrella is made to endure. It is strong and resilient and will last for years to come.

As soon as you leave the house with the Security Umbrella, you are much harder to attack. With this extreme stable and sturdy umbrella, you can threat, block and hit very painfully. The Security Umbrella acts like a strong stick and anyone who has experienced a stick in a serious fight knows how uncomfortable this is and how much the balance of power is shifted. The Security Umbrella enables you to successfully defend against much stronger attackers. 


No more years of training for this extra safety!

Important to you is the fact that you do not need a long training because the use of the stick is mostly done by intuitive movements that everyone instinctively performs. Using the Security Umbrella puts your weaknesses in the background and the Security Umbrella heaves you to a new level of defense. This is especially true for those who are most likely to be selected as victims. Maybe they are not so bad-tempered, not strong and fit, agile or even older. Seniors, women and people with a physical disability should definitely use the Security Umbrella in unsafe areas.


The Defense Umbrella XXL is inconspicuous, but so effective!

The main advantages include the fact that this Security Umbrella is not subject to any legal restrictions worldwide and therefore reliably protects you in your daily life and when traveling. It does not attract attention and does not provoke anyone. The Security Umbrella is therefore your inconspicuous and legal companion for your personal protection in all circumstances.


The Security Umbrella offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio!

It impresses due to the triple benefit - mate, rain cover and defense aids - by a special price-performance ratio. Which defense weapon has such a high practical everyday utility? A pepper spray, a stun gun or a deterrent rod cannot be easily used in daily life, but must still be replaced after a certain period of time and thus, you are spending money again. You use the Security Umbrella most of the year and enjoy the rain protection or the function as a walker (you should order the rubber caps).


The advantages of this umbrella at a glance

  • It is a fully functioning, elegant umbrella with automatic opening mechanism for self-defense.
  • The bar of this umbrella is virtually unbreakable, no matter how hard it is claimed.
  • The Security Umbrella weighs only 900 grams at a length of 102 cm.
  • This defense umbrella even withstands the weight of a person up to 120 kg.
  • This special security umbrella can be worn legally everywhere (even on the plane, in official buildings, at events).
  • It contains no unusual ingredients and the only metal is the stainless steel tip.
  • The elegant knob is made of solid wood; either beech stained black or plum, walnut or mahogany. The protective umbrella is delivered including a protective cover with a practical carrying loop.
  • There is also a special model for women and the short version "City-Safe", which is ideal for crowded environments or for Escrima / martial arts users.

Length: 1.02 meter or 40” 

Weight: 900 g

Diameter open: 130 cm or 51”

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