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Expert opinions

Chris Thorn / Jennifer Kriete Owners, Producers "DropForgedSurvival"

30 September, 2018 |

“ My wife and I are both 3rd and 4th Degree Black Belts in tae kwon do and my wife is an Instructor. We value a means of self defense in our daily lives and this tool is perfect. There aren't Alot of good security options to bring on trains, buses, planes, or official buildings. “


30 September, 2018 |

Hello my name is Joe Bertoni and I’m the owner of BERTONI DEFENSE SYSTEMS. I have been teaching personal safety and defense for over 20 years, so I know the challenges you face wen it comes to finding ways to defend yourself.

Dr. Jan Fitzner - Cane-Fu-Trainer

12 June, 2018 |

My name is Dr. Jan Fitzner, I am a specialist in general medicine in Germany. In my spare time I teach Cane-Fu, the self-defense of seniors using their walking stick or umbrella for this purpose. My background with martial arts includes that I have experience with the WingChun, the Arnis and Escrima.

Krav Maga Expert Alain Cohen said: "The best self defense weapon"

04 February, 2018 |

The Krav Maga Expert Alain Cohen test the Security Umbrella and for him it`s the best self defense weapon. Here you see his video and his arguments.