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Security Umbrella self defense umbrella men "City-Safe" knob handle/tactical umbrella short umbrella

With the "City-Safe" you are now much safer on the road and able to successfully defend against stronger opponents. If you are attacked, a stable stick in self-defense is a huge advantage. The security umbrella self-defense umbrella extends your reach, serves the pain-free blocking of attacks and on the other hand allows effective countermeasures that bring the most villains to give up.


Your reliable safety companion in a handy size!

With a length of  only 78 cm or 30 “, the "City-Safe" is very handy to carry and yet ideal for the defense of any attackers, especially in busy and crowded places such as public transport, train stations, pedestrian areas, busy streets, as this is where attacks or physical confrontations happen. The Security Umbrella, or defense umbrella, is particularly valuable on lonely roads, especially in the dark season, or in almost empty trains, where you could be in an emergency on your own.

Self-defense with sticks has been practiced for centuries, because these weapons offer a huge advantage in the defensive. Pain or even injury is avoided while blocking punches and kicks. The range advantage keeps the attacker away, and significantly reduces the deadly danger of concealed stabbing weapons. In case of offensive measures, the cane compensates for the lack of strength and for the lack of striking technique and physical inferiority.

That's why the Security Umbrella protects you without attacking someone...

If you are familiar with weapon umbrella self-defense (our video course will help you), the Security Umbrella greatly enhances your defense capabilities. This self confidence prevents many villains from selecting you as a victim, because they are looking for weak and therefore inferior victims.

The weapon umbrella security umbrella is the length of a hanbo or defensive stick and offers protection against rain when opened with a diameter of 96 cm. The beautiful designer handle is available in four different types of wood.

Legal worldwide and absolutely harmless

Despite the intrinsic values, it is subject to no legal restrictions as a "regular" everyday object and it is completely legal unlike other safety aids such as the pepper spray, defense stick or stun gun. This Security Umbrella is not provoking at all. With the "City-Safe" you are always safer at home and abroad, because properly used it serves you as an effective weapon for self-defense

 "The umbrella in the short version (80 cm length) is p-e-r-f-e-c-t ... The length, the handiness – this umbrella is, in my opinion, an excellent defense tool.

I had been searching for a long time for a tool of this length and maneuverability. This umbrella is simply brilliant. Especially in the city, in a train or a bus where space is limited, this umbrella is my tool of choice. Personally, I am more than convinced!"

Robert Amper (Holder of 3rd Dan rank in Wado Ryu Karate, Practical Self-Defense Instructor and Nunchaku)

Length: 78 cm

Diameter open: 96 cm

Weight: 600 Gramm

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