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Security Package No. 1: Doorman Umbrella "standard"

With the Security Package, you are now much safer on the road. In about four weeks, you will be able, to successfully defend against stronger opponents. Self-defense with the Doorman Umbrella is one of the most effective defense options, because the umbrella, with its sturdy and non-breakable stick, increases your defense ability enormously. You can confidently call this special DoormanUmbrella a security / defense umbrella. - In addition to the sturdy Security Umbrella, this package also includes two full DVD tutorials to help you defend yourself with the umbrella at any time.

Why is the Security Umbrella so effective for self-protection?

Try it: Attack another for practice; once someone defends himself without aids and once with the umbrella (or a stable stick). You will soon realize that this is a very different situation. The stick is a dangerous defense weapon, which gives your victim enormous benefits. It can block your attacks and push, stab or hit you. The fact that you hit the umbrella instead of the victim and they do not suffer immediate pain, a villain is unable to break their resistance so easily. It also benefits from the range advantage and keeps you at a distance, which limits your options significantly. - All these advantages can be obtained in a legal way with the special Security Umbrella.

You do not have to be a martial arts master to effectively defend yourself with this umbrella

However, the best tool is only as good as one can handle it as an expert. Therefore, we have thoroughly produced a DVD course for you, which, for the first time,  will give you the complete knowledge to effectively use the Security Umbrella. for your own protection. Through the course, you'll see the tremendous benefits of the defense shield for your personal protection, learn how to hold the Security Umbrella so it cannot be removed, and learn how to take painful countermeasures that no ordinary attacker can endure.

In about a month, you can effectively defend yourself with the security umbrella

Our video course is designed, so that you can learn all that you would need to "effective self-defense" in about four weeks. All the relevant grips, techniques and exercises are presented after the individual chapters, which you do with a partner until you feel really certain. This guarantees that you will really master them in any emergency situation.

The DVD or online course - the most modern way of studying - offers a number of advantages: you will learn in your own pace not wasting time while you travel through any of the courses. You can go through the material as often as you need it, with all the advantages this individual schedule will give you. Rest assured, you will learn what is really important. That way, you will acquire the necessary skills in a much more affordable way than through any course. Also you will be able to refresh your knowledge in the future by watching individual chapters at any time without additional cost.

This best self-defense for you

You will learn the most important things very quickly. This will really help you if you get attacked on the road.  There is no previous experience in martial arts or self-defense required. All techniques will work even if you are not so strong, or flexible or physically unfit.

Extend the function of your rain protection - you will carry an umbrella at many times due to weather conditions - by using the Security Umbrella as an effective helping tool for your personal safety. This special protective umbrella weighs only a little more than a regular umbrella, it looks very elegant and at the same time so regular that it will never arouses any suspicion. In an emergency, you will benefit from the surprise effect and you will have the Security Umbrella handy.

This additional course enables you to protect yourself at any time even without any helping tool

The security package also contains the second video course DVD "Stay Alive". With this additional course, you will learn to protect yourself without any aids. After all, you will not always carry the Security Umbrella with you. However, with the help of the DVD "Stay Alive" you will be able to learn everything that really matters so that you will feel confident, even in your worst moments.

In this way you gain the certainty of being able to protect yourself after only a few days.

This is the first important preventive action and it will already work a few days later when you have to use public transport or walk your dog at night.

Delivery Contents:

1 umbrella: knob handle

1 DVD tutorial "How to effectively protect yourself in an emergency with the Security Umbrella".

1 DVD turtorial "Stay alive - protect yourself without any tools".

Length:                90 cm

Weight:               680 g

Diameter open: 112 cm

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