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DVD Video tutorial "How to use the Security Umbrella for self defense"

The first complete course that answers all your questions on how to use an umbrella for self-protection. You will learn how to act and also common mistakes are demonstrated in detail and discussed.

Each move is demonstrated and explained in detail. In the second half of each chapter, our chief instructor, Robert Amper, there is a detailed explanation. With the help of this instructional course you will be able to practice regularly at home, and we recommend you do.

One customer writes:

"The remarkable thing about your course is that it's very simple movements that you almost automatically do in reflex, learning little, thinking little, doing more automatically; that's an excellent recipe, so we're very excited about the umbrella and the whole concept ". AG

Of course, this knowledge is not an absolute guarantee that you will survive any situation unscathed, but your chances increase significantly.

Even your heightened self-confidence will save you from many attacks, because criminals are looking for weak and fearful victims.


Disc 1:

01 Intro

02 What better NOT to do

03 How to hold the Security Umbrella?

04 Balance - is the Key!

05 How to leverage with the Security Umbrella

06 How to block somebody. Or something.

07 How to create a safe Distance?

Disc 2

08 How to strike most effectively!

09 Where to hit?

10 Choked

11 Against a Knife? Really?

12 Exercise

13 How to retreat in a controlled and safe way?

14 A few thoughts. And a recommendation 

15 Bonus Chapter “Fallen” - Stay Alive!


DVD runtime:

Security Umbrella: 126 minutes

Stayalive: 86 minutes

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