Why do you need the Security Umbrella?

Due to increasing crime, you can always be the victim of an attack. Nevertheless, the legislation does not allow you many aids for your own protection. The Security Umbrella covers a gap here and, together with our video tutorial, is the best self-defense tool for you.

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Attackers always choose inferior persons as victims. Therefore, you have to assume that the culprit is bigger and stronger. To compensate for this inferiority with a workout and also to be able to effectively defend yourself with your own hands, you need a very long workout. This is therefore usually not a realistic solution.

You can therefore improve your personal safety in a reasonable amount of time only with an effective aid. And you achieve that with the Security Umbrella and the precise knowledge of how to use it in an emergency situation.

The Security Umbrella is an extremely stable umbrella that reverses your inferiority that was just described. With this special umbrella, you have a massive pole that blocks attacks and blows, thus avoiding pain and the danger of being injured. It is important to keep the attacker at bay to avoid the risk of covertly stabbed weapons.

If the defensive actions do not stop the attack, you can effectively defend yourself with bumps and punches. Experience shows that such an unexpected resistance in most cases is enough to dissuade the culprit from his intention.

The Security Umbrella is legal worldwide, because it is subject to no legal requirements as a "common" everyday object. It does not attract attention, does not provoke anyone and you can carry it anywhere. In an attack, you benefit from the surprise effect, because the aggressor has not expected that you are so well equipped as a supposedly weak victim.

The image on the right shows, for example, the right body and umbrella position, which you can learn and use in our course in the future. The attacker can do little here. Whether he wants to hit, grab or kick, a painful stab with the Security Umbrella is faster. The younger, stronger and more agile villain can not take advantage of his superiority.

Even trained security forces and martial artists attach the greatest importance in an argument to use an aid instead of their own body.

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