The Security Umbrella is your unobtrusive companion

As an "ordinary" umbrella, it is worldwide not subject to legal restrictions and can therefore be worn everywhere legally . The Security Umbrella looks elegant, fits in any environment, and unlike other defensive weapons such as a stick, a baseball bat, a defensive stick or a gun, it does not provoke anyone.

Take a look at  the picture on the right, this gentleman is traveling with a "regular" umbrella. It carries our "City-Safe", the shorter version of our umbrellas, especially for crowded situations or wherever there are many people, such as public transport, the city, at events etc. The Security Umbrella is completely inconspicuous.

In an emergency, this sturdy defense umbrella can be used as a defense stick or baton. Imagine this gentleman in the city with a baseball bat. That would immediately provoke attention and annoyance and possibly alert law enforcement.

In case of an emergency, you have the umbrella handy and can act immediately. This special security or defense umbrella gives you a sense of safety and through this, self-confidence.  You do not look  like a typical victim. Thus, the Security Umbrella serves preventively and you do not have to use it against another person.

Due to weather conditions you have to carry an umbrella anyway, from now on you and your family can use the sturdy umbrella instead.


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