How long do you need to learn how to use it?

There are some basic moves that you need to master to effectively defend yourself with the Security Umbrella. You will learn this with our video course in about four weeks, if you take about three hours to watch and about seven hours to practice during this period.

Our chief instructor Robert Amper focused on what you need to know in this tailor-made video course.

Learning through the video course offers some key benefits. It starts with learning at home, saving you the time to travel to a seminar venue. You can learn how to do it in your speed. If you do not understand something immediately, you can repeat it as often as necessary. 

Unlike a seminar, the video course guarantees that all techniques are reproduced completely and correctly at all times; That's hard to realize at a seminar. In addition, you will not be disturbed by interim questions of others while learning and you can choose the exercise partner from your family or friends.

With the video course, you will be able to achieve long-term success. If you are uncertain in the future, you can revisit the crucial chapter to refresh your knowledge. This again without much effort and without extra costs.

One customer has thoroughly studied the course:

"Here is a list of the essential benefits of the DVD: - With Robert Amper, an experienced, excellent instructor who knows what he is talking about - The chapters are extremely hands-on with countless exercises - The two DVDs are very structured; important things are repeated several times - Amper gives a lasting feeling for where (even with umbrella) a quick escape is the best reaction (more often than one initially thinks) - It is thoroughly cleaned up with "dangerous nonsense" The important view outside the box explains issues such as dodging and balance as well as the mental attitude in attacks - The course will be rounded off by a few (possibly vital) important unarmed defense techniques

CONCLUSION: The Security Umbrella without the DVDs is conceivable, but can increase your risk through wrong application. Therefore, this course can only be recommended to every umbrella-owner!"

With the video lesson, it's not only faster, it's cheaper and more sustainable, so our recommendation is to order the security umbrella along with the video course, because then you have an effective tool, as well as the knowledge of how to use it effectively.

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