But you do not know how to handle it?

This is no problem: We have produced a precise video tutorial for you, with which you will be able to learn the handling within a few weeks. The good thing is, that only a few and easy-to-learn techniques are required, to use the Security Umbrella in an emergency for self-protection

Even if you have no prior knowledge, or are older or less athletic, you will significantly improve your personal safety in about a month, so you can successfully stop most attacks.

Self-defense with the Security Umbrella is the most effective and fastest way for you to become much safer. Hardly anyone realizes how effective a special umbrella is for self-protection, if you know how to use it effectively in an emergency situation.

The Security Umbrella is a very effective tool that strengthens you in several ways. This is because there is a huge difference whether the aggressor touches you directly or inflicts pain on you with his blows, or if his attacks on the Security Umbrella evaporate.

Firstly, it does not weaken you with the first attacks, and secondly, of course, it irritates the bad guys if they do not make an impact with their actions. In an attack the first seconds are the most important; the attacker is looking to quickly overwhelm you and does not want to expose himself to any resistance.

With the Security Umbrella, you have a greater range than your opponent; remember how valuable a range advantage is for big boxers. In addition to this advantage, you surprise the aggressor because you are well equipped and can block, punches and stabs with the security umbrella.  

If you want to gain such a defensive ability with a martial art or with self-defense seminars, months or even years of training are required. The Security Umbrella compensates for existing weaknesses and strengthens in many ways. So it is not really relevant if you are strong or can strike strong and technically correct; it also does not matter if you are smaller and weaker (you are sure that attackers are always seeking inferior victims).

As mentioned earlier, our video course focuses on a few but highly effective techniques that you learn quickly and then apply intuitively. The course consists of a theoretical and practical part.

A knowledgeable customer, a German police officer, writes about our course.

"The self-defense course with the Security Umbrella included on DVD is the first completely realistic course I have seen on this subject. Simple effective techniques are accessible without excessive training effort. All sorts of mistakes that could be made,especially by beginners / inexperienced people, are addressed and eliminated. All unrealistic expectations are addressed (eg disarming of a trained knife attacker, etc.), and eliminated. Really outstanding and, moreover, spiced with a nice pinch of humor. " CS

Please read the following section about the many advantages of this modern type of training.

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